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Roovers Inc. Manufacturers of metal tape embossing machines hand-built with pride in the USA.

The Roovers Embossing Press uses a thin metal tape to create embossed or debossed (=Reverse Image) tags for a variety of applications. Using a character selection wheel, characters are embossed one at a time by pulling a handle. (Air-operated units also available)

Roovers Embossing Press

Built for more heavy-duty applications, the T-20 embosses 7/8" wide tape with 3/8" characters. The T20 is available in a manual or air-operated version to meet your individual needs. Also available in a "Reverse Image" unit for use in molding operations, etc...

The T-10 Embosses 1/2" wide tape with 1/4" characters. Weighing in at 27 lbs, this model can be moved from place to place with ease. ( Available in a "Reverse Image" unit for use in molding operations, etc... with a "straight cut-off" die.)

Air-Operated Embossers

Available by special order in both T-10 and T20 models. The air operated machines offer consistent character while eliminating operator fatigue. Contact us with your needs and lead-time on delivery. Each unit is custom-built to order.

Repair Services

We offer repair service and parts for all current production machines with fast turn-around service, all done in-house by our skilled technicians. Contact us with your needs. (Return Authorization number is required in advance for all repair work)


Embossing tape is available for both machines in several thickness' in aluminum, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, brass and zinc.

Our optional slotting device will die-cut slots into the tape for attachment with metal ties to a variety of surfaces. Slots cut on this machine meet BOE Dept. of Navy specifications. Contact us for further information.